Disability Justice at Brown

Advocating for the rights of people who identify as disabled at Brown University and beyond.


We at DJAB look beyond the superficial markers of diversity to a radical, disability justice transformation of the University.

We do not have a single issue movement because we do not have single issue lives.

Understanding disability and ableism is the work of every revolutionary, activist and organizer – of every human being.

Mia mingus

Our Initiatives

Disabled Student Study Space

We advocated for and established an accessible study space for disabled students that accommodates for a wide range of needs and differences.

Disability Justice Cultural Center

We are consistently advocating for a space on Brown’s campus that would serve as a center for community, resources, and advocacy for disabled students, staff, and faculty.

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Personal Narratives

Read from other students about the work we do at DJAB as well as their lived experiences with being disabled at Brown in general.

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We encourage you to share your own experiences, anonymously or not, to be added to our archives. Your voice is valuable and important.


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